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YYP130Y-3.7K Vacuum pump

YYP130Y-3.7P2 Foam pump


Huizhou Yingyi Motor Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2004 is a high-tech enterprise engaged in development. manufacture, distribution, and service of electronic mechanical fittings.
Yingyi technology pump and valve professional manufacturer, plant area 2000m2, monthly production 4000000pcs, number of employees 600+, We have patent certificates for various products in addition to CE certificates, We provide product parameter customization.
Our main products include Micro Air Pumps, Water Pumps, Air Valves, Electromagnet, Micro DC Motors, and other micro motors.

Company Advantage

Promised continuous working life under maximum load
The product life under the maximum load is guaranteed, with options up to 20,000 hours, and the quality version is assured for two years, making it suitable for high-reliability applications.

Support customized research and development of various batches
Using a modular architecture, it can be quickly customized and developed according to customer application characteristics and specifications. Specifications, materials, interfaces, and shapes can all be customized

Complete specifications and various features
Covering a wide range of flow and pressure, providing a wealth of control signal interface options, noise and vibration options, gas path joint options, corrosion-resistant material options, life, and cost options

Technical support
Provide full-process technical and service support in the process of model selection, development, testing, mass production, and maintenance to ensure correct model selection, trouble-free testing, and worry-free use

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Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment

Environmental Air Analysis and Monitoring

Household Equipment: Coffee machine

Sphygmomanometer rehabilitation testing equipment

Water dispenser household appliances

Vacuum Crushing Juicer Baby Food Supplement Machine

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